Team Snubbing is #1 in Rig Assisted Snubbing


Several years ago, Team Snubbing Services recognized the need for a technology that catered to low-pressure well environments in a more cost effective manner. Over 60% of the Western Canadian basin consists of wells in this lower pressure range. By utilizing the reliable tubing adaptation of the RS100 as the core, Team Snubbing developed a set of slips that offer a 35-inch stroke to move tubulars in and out of the well bore.

There are dramatic differences between Team Snubbing Services and conventional snubbing companies, and it's not just our price.


Team Snubbing Service has over 50 years of snubbing experience, providing our customers with first class service, technical support and trained personnel.

Team Snubbing has worked with a diverse group of companies from large multinationals to smaller localized firms throughout North America.

Customer references available on request...

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