Team Snubbing is #1 in Rig Assisted Snubbing


Our primary goal is to respond to what our customers need and require of us, and provide the best solutions and service available in the industry. Being cost-competitive is important to us - and to our customers - but Team Snubbing stands out from conventional snubbing companies for more reasons than price alone:

  • Remote control; no extra people on rig floor
  • Keep well live; reduce killing wells
  • Quick rig-up time, 20 minutes typical
  • Ability to drill through RS100 bag
  • Helicopter skid packages available
  • 1 ton truck and trailer mounted units
  • Self-contained snubbing unit
  • Provides 28,000 lbs. of snub force
  • Unlike Larger units there is less stress on bell nipples
  • RS packages available for underbalanced drilling
  • RS cable packages available
  • Fast transition from snubbing to stripping and vice versa
  • RS urethane elements ensure excellent connection seals for all tubing sizes at both low and high pressures

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