Team Snubbing is #1 in Rig Assisted Snubbing

Western Canada's Snubbing Specialists

Team Snubbing Services is #1 in Low Pressure Rig Assisted Snubbing.

Team Snubbing Services Inc. specializes in providing expert snubbing services in low-pressure well environments, which are found in over 60% of the Western Canadian basin.

Expert Snubbing Services in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan.

We've responded to the needs of the oil and gas industry by developing a more cost-effective technology optimized for requirements at 7000 KPA with 2-7/8 production tubing up to 12,000 KPA with 2-3/8" production tubing. For pressure ratings on larger OD pipe, please contact Team Snubbing at phone: 1-403-844-2728.

Team Snubbing service units include:

  • Our patented Push/Pull RF100
  • OUr versatile compact Helicopter Snubbing Units
  • Our Mini Brutus based on the reliable tubing stripper technology of the RS100 with its ability to move tubulars quickly and safely in and out of the well boring during servicing

Team Snubbing Technology is Patented - Canadian Patent #2,652,068 USA Patent #8,640,767 B2

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