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Team Snubbing Raises Money for Breast Cancer & Turns Heads with Pink Truck

A one-ton truck for Team Snubbing Service Inc., has been painted entirely pink to raise funds and awareness for breast cancer. Wainalta Motors donated their time and material to paint the vehicle pink and Fountain Tire also donated work towards it.

"Our mission here is to raise money for breast cancer. We believe in the never ending battle against cancer and believe that every little bit of funding helps somewhere along the line." Says Team Snubbing's Barry Gosselin. He says that 2.5% of the daily work ticket that is written will go to the Canadian Breast Cancer Society. "We're also going to encourage the companies to match it."e.

Gosselin doesn't expect the pink truck to be home very often. Already, the pink one-ton is on its way to Sarnia, Ontario to work for Enbridge. General Manager Jeff Redmond will be behind the wheel on the road to Ontario and plans to switch off with other employees who will no doubt attract a lot of rubberneckers with the pink paint job. It is expected to be driven to the Husky Upgrader in Saskatchewan following the Ontario job.

"Everyone you talk to has been affected in one way or another by cancer. We think the industry will embrace this cause along with us." says Gosselin.

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