Team Snubbing is #1 in Rig Assisted Snubbing


Team Snubbing Services has an excellent safety record and has no lost time due to accidents. Increased visibility due to the compact nature of our Mini Snubbing unit allows better communication between operator and driller, making snubbing easier and safer for the rig crew.

With over 70 years combined snubbing experience, our field operators meet or exceed all safety certifications and requirements.


Team Snubbing Provides:

  • Safer to lay down pipe because the driller has an increased view and the crew has less obstruction working at rig floor height
  • Communication between driller and snubbing operator, increased view for driller of snubbing operations
  • Lightweight solution for marginal wells with poor casing integrity {1000 lb unit}
  • Greatly reduces risk of damage or injury during rig up or rig out operations due to smaller unit size & weight
  • No personnel are working in the basket above the wellhead - eliminating the same concerns of service rigs having men in the derrick during snubbing operations {IRP-15}
  • Highly trained personnel

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