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RF100 Series Push-Pull Units

The RFS 100 Series Push-Pull small, but mighty, units are capable of 89,000 lbs of push pressure with a throat size of 7 1/8"e; making it ready to handle most jobs.

The RFS 100 is a versatile unit that fits right onto the rotary table of any drilling rig. Once the Kelly bushing is removed the ease of pushing or pulling pipe is at the fingertips of our qualified operator's control panel on the rig floor, in plain view of the driller and other personnel.

With safety in mind, the RFS 100 Series comes complete with a safety platform for the tong hand engineered right into the unit. Each RFS 100 is engineered and certified to ensure the highest quality for today's best oil and gas practices.

The RFS 100 Series also comes in a heli-portable configuration for those hard-to-get-to wells.

Mini Brutus

Our Mini Brutus snubbing unit is ideal for wells with surface pressures under 12,000 KPA - to any depth. Our lubricator system is wire line compatible and can handle most downhole tools. The Mini Brutus is rig friendly because there is no view obstruction to the snubbing operations. Our hanger flange system ensures ease of landing dog nuts and lubricating tool assemblies. This unit is excellent for underbalanced drilling because of its compact size and its outstanding ability for drill outs and snubbing efficiently.

Underbalanced Drilling

The Mini Brutus is a 3-in-1 tool. It is ideally suited for drilling, stripping or snubbing through. The unit is designed to be totally compatible with underbalanced drilling packages utilizing top drives and will accommodate tools up to 7 - 1/16"e;. The unit can be rigged in or out in under an hour. The jacking assembly is also designed to be rigged off in minutes to provide a quick transition from snubbing to stripping and vice versa. Team Snubbing Services is proud to provide experienced crews and all auxiliary equipment for your underbalanced drilling needs.

Helicopter Portable Units

For more information regarding helicopter portable units please contact Team Snubbing Services.

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