Specialty Pressure Control Services

Team Snubbing operates various specialty equipment to help in a variety of niche snubbing and well control applications.

Remote Access Hydraulic Intervention Unit

Team Snubbing Services Inc. provides to its customers a compact, versatile, and reliable remote access package to perform all necessary work on wellbores in any area.

120,000LB hook load

Capable of 11” through bore

Light pipe handling available

50’ Jib Pole

Pipe handling winch

Tong Rams (4.5/5.5 Open Face Tongs)

Integral free standing supporting system

Class 3 5k Primary BOP System

Remote-Access-Package-Overview PDF


Rod Snubbing Unit

19,000 lbs Snub Force

11,500 lbs Lift Force

2,800 lbs Winch Lift

3 1/16” 10K Quad BOP

3” 5K Single BOP & Lubricator

Compact Design for Rig Floors

Single Carrier for Reduced Footprint

Seamlessly Integrates with Service Rigs

Self-contained Hydraulic System

Secondary Accumulator

Rod Snubbing Unit

High Pressure Hot Tap Services

No gas released to the atmosphere

Fast and simple rig-up

Safe depressurization of tubing or casing when obstruction or hydrate is present

Allows access to annulus while still maintaining well control

Increased worker safety

Hot Tap