Artificial Lift Optimization Services

Optimizing Well Production by Precision Setting of your Artificial Lift System


Set Your Well Up For Success

A balanced mechanical system allows for:

  • Optimize bottom hole pump operation
    • Setting of well to assist in gas-locking issues
    • Ensure proper spacing
    • Prevent pump pounding damage
  • Rod loading
    • Determine sucker rod load
    • Evaluate rod movement
  • Reduce wear on equipment
    • Gearbox overloading
  • Preventative maintenance
    • Prevent rod breaks from poor rod set
  • Reduced power costs
    • Lower electrical billing
  • Proven expertise
  • Excellent safety record
  • COR Safety Certified
  • Industry compliant
  • Member of ISN Networld
  • Health, Safety and Environment program
  • HSE integration
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efficient oilfield pumpjacks


Operations cover a variety of well intervention work on all well types. The easy and simple installation and operations of the Tap-It system allows for multiple well settings per day. Different Wellhead configurations and pumping unit sizing and styles are easily worked on and set. Equipment is set for your well area requirements.

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tapit 1
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Rod Jack System

The “Tap It” Rod Jack System allows for precise and controlled movement of polish and sucker rod assembly. Every Tap-It system is designed to ensure the proper lifting capabilities for the area of operations and is set up for optimum production recovery. The Tap-It setup prevents operations damage from poorly setup A/L system and allows for the proper spacing to prevent poor bottomhole pump efficiencies and damage!

Benefits to the customer:

  • Increased Safety
  • Less risk of exposure to personal
  • Less operating time
  • Easy and simple Rig-In
  • Economical & efficient operations
  • No impact to the environment
  • Ability to access remote locations
  • Versatile applications

Additional Services

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