About Us

Team Snubbing has a 20 year history of proven industry excellence.

Team Snubbing prides itself in delivering safe, compliant and efficient snubbing services run by experienced and dedicated crews. We also believe in operating an open and honest business with a culture of team work and cooperation. Everyone from our management team, most experienced snubbers, newest employees and friends are encouraged to participate in, contribute to and share in our growth. For our customers we deliver on what we promise without the flashy gimmicks and heavy sales pitches. Straight forward and reliable Snubbing at it’s best.

snubbing team guys frozen cold
HIU - Wellhead and workers

Heavy Fleet equipment to service High Pressure operations

Equipment to service Low Pressure operations as well as Gravity Assist challenges


Fast Rig Ups/Rig Outs

Small Foot-print

Proven expertise, reliability and safety record

COR certified

Industry Compliant

Member of ISN Networld

Dedicated Management

Member of Comply Works

Strong HSE program

Direct HSE integration into operations

Suitable locations

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