Heavy Fleet Services

5K, 10K and 15K Free Standing and Rig Assist Snubbing Packages for High Pressure Projects

Heavy Fleet Key Features & Advantages:

Jacks available up to 460k hook load

Small Foot Print

Rotary tables

Available RIDE systems for safe egress

Adjustable combination of primary and secondary well control

Tong handling equipment

Basket winches, Tuggers and Jib Poles

Integral LED lighting for 24-hour operations

Safe, efficient and competent crews

Units available for compact single service rig operations requiring higher pressure capabilities

Complete free standing packages with Class 2 and 3 Hybrid Quick Rig – 7″ 5k Primary BOP

Appropriate crane for unit design within Free Standing On-Shore packages

Wellhead stabilizing system

Appropriate pumping capabilities and holding tanks within Free Standing and HWO packages

Step deck catwalk trailers and pipe racks

Quick rig advancements

Primary and secondary Ram Saver Systems

well snubbing at sunset
heavy equipment snubbing